Lambertville Porchfest 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Lambertville Porchfest 2024 will take place on Saturday, October 12th.


What is Lambertville Porchfest?

Lambertville Porchfest is a do-it-yourself community music festival. It is organized by (and for) Lambertville residents and features musical acts from all genres and all walks of life playing free shows on porches throughout the downtown neighborhood.

When is Lambertville Porchfest?

Lambertville Porchfest is always the first Saturday in October, unless otherwise noted. (Note that Porchfest 2024 will be held on October 12th, the second Saturday due to a pre-existing scheduling conflict.)

What are the rules?

We ask all attendees to stand on the sidewalk or yard and not in the street unless the neighborhood has obtained a permit to close the street.

What if my neighbors complain?

Lambertville has a noise ordinance strictly prohibiting loud music. If neighbors find the volume of a porch show to be a nuisance, they may call the police to enforce the noise ordinance. For this reason, among many, we strongly encourage you to talk to your neighbors BEFORE agreeing to host a show, making sure you address their concerns. Conversely, if a neighbor's show is too loud and disrupting your life, please kindly ask them to turn it down BEFORE calling the police. One of the beautiful things about Porchfest is that neighbors talk to neighbors and find solutions together. A successful and safe Porchfest (and community!) is contingent on neighbors NOT CALLING THE COPS ON EACH OTHER.

Will bathrooms be available?

Attendees are responsible for finding their own bathrooms. There is a public bathroom in the parking lot next to 12 N. Union Street. The Justice Center (ACME building) on South Union Street has public restrooms. There is also a public bathroom at the boat launch down past The Lambertville Station (south end of town). We also encourage you to dine at one of the many fine restaurants in Lambertville, which have bathrooms for patrons.

Artists should negotiate bathroom access with the porch owners. In most cases, the hosts will be able to accommodate you, and make sure you are comfortable and your needs are met.

Is there a rain date?

No. In the case of disruptive or dangerous weather, porch hosts may decide to cancel or postpone their shows, but it's entirely up to the hosts. We encourage the hosts to update their Porchfest website page accordingly. Please plan accordingly for weather with protective layers, umbrellas, sunscreen, sufficient water etc.

Why is Porchfest restricted to downtown Lambertville?

Since we are just starting out, we want to keep the events concentrated in the downtown neighborhood to make them easily accessible. We also want to support downtown businesses and restaurants as they will benefit from the foot traffic.

How can I participate in Lambertville Porchfest?

There are lots of ways to be part of Porchfest! You can perform, host a show, volunteer, or just come out and appreciate all the amazing musical talent on display.

Who are the musicians? Can I play?

Yes, you can play! All you need is a porch (or a stoop, or a patio that is visible from the sidewalk). You can add your info to a Local Artists list that Porch Hosts may consult to book their porches, but there is no guarantee that registration alone will find you a porch. The musicians of Lambertville Porchfest represent every genre and every level of experience. Within blocks of each other, you might find brass bands, emcees, bluegrass fiddlers, and jazz trios. Some musicians are professionals, others might have put together a new band, just for the occasion. Even if you’ve never performed publicly, Porchfest is a great way to try playing out in a fun, friendly, informal setting.

Who books the performers for Lambertville Porchfest? How do I get to perform?

All booking for Porchfest is done by porch hosts (typically, the residents of the house attached to a porch), not the Lambertville Porchfest Organizing Committee. If you’re a musician interested in playing at Porchfest we recommend talking to potential hosts (see below) in the neighborhood or the Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector on Facebook. And, of course, if you live in the neighborhood, you can always play on your own porch.

“I don’t have a porch”

That’s okay! Even if you don’t have a porch we can figure something out! Do you have a stoop? How about a tiny lawn or walkway leading up to your front yard? We can call those honorary porches for this one day. If you’re still struggling to figure out where the show can take place, you may have to call up your Lambertville friends to see if you can host a show on their porch. If you’re still coming up short, check out the Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector on Facebook to meet people with porches that want to have shows on them! Team up to book the porch show of your dreams!

“I want to host but I need to book musicians”

We’ve got you covered. We created the Porchfest Musician/Porch Connector on Facebook for just this scenario. There you will find many excited musicians who would love to be asked to play a show on your porch. You can even post that you have a porch and let the musicians come to you!

What are the responsibilities of hosting?

The porch hosts play an absolutely essential role in Porchfest. Porchfest is, in fact, not one event, but a collection of individually produced shows, and porch hosts are entirely responsible for the show they’re hosting. This includes booking the artists that will play on the porch, notifying the neighbors on their block, and managing their show on the day of the event. This means that porch hosts should be comfortable with the legal liability of hosting a show on their porch and the responsibility of being a good neighbor to their immediate community. If you would like your porch to be listed on the schedule and map, send an email to with the artists names, one sentence description, and performance times.

What does Lambertville Porchfest provide to porch hosts?

Once you have finalized your porch show, send us a message at and we’ll add it to our online map and include it the physical maps for the day of the event. We’ll keep you up to date with news and information, and offer some tips/suggestions for making your show a success. We’ll also provide you with a poster (or two) to put up on your porch so that everyone will know you’re hosting a show!

Can I bring my bike?

Yes! Biking is a great way to enjoy Porchfest and will ensure that you will be able to catch more of your favorite acts. This is a walking/biking tour. You will find that using a car to get around town is counterproductive. If you are joining us from out of town, plan to park it and walk. :)

Where can I find a map / lineup?

You can find an online interactive version of the map and schedule on our website after October 1st.

Does this cost money to host/play/attend?


We do not charge any ticket price for audience members. We do not charge any registration fees for porch hosts. We certainly do not charge artists for the chance to perform! We provide a way to appreciate the artists by printing Venmo/PayPal accounts next to their names on the schedule.

Some porch hosts may pay their artists. Some porches may provide a way to tip the artists performing. Each of these is at the discretion of the host. Because Porchfest is free for everyone, we are grateful for any donations you can afford. The money you donate is not tax-deductible, but it does all go directly to making this community event possible.

Can my Lambertville-based business participate in Porchfest?

Yes! For starters, you can participate as a porch host. You may also want to consider offering a small "grab-and-go" meal for the day so attendees can pick up a bite on the way to see their favorite performers.

Who puts on this event?

This Porchfest is organized by volunteers within the community, hosts, and performers.

How do I get involved if I want to be part of making Lambertville Porchfest happen?

Porchfest is an all-volunteer effort and we would love to have your help! Flyering, organizational outreach, and design work are done by volunteers. If you would like to learn more about ways in which you can donate your time to Porchfest, or if you are a local business that wants to provide a place for attendees to pick up maps/schedules the day of the event, send an email to