Lambertville Porchfest


Band on a porch

Lambertville Porchfest is a do-it-yourself music festival, featuring musicians of all kinds playing free shows on porches throughout the neighborhood. Created by and for Lambertville residents, the festival seeks to represent and celebrate the community’s broad musical talents and picturesque neighborhoods.


To build, deepen and celebrate connections within our community by creating a platform for sharing the joys of live music.


The first Porchfest was held in Ithaca, NY in 2007. Since then, Porchfests have sprung up in over 100 other US and Canadian cities, including San Francisco, Cleveland, Tucson, Philadelphia, Montréal and Ottawa.

This is the first Lambertville Porchfest, so it's up to us to make history! We have no doubt that it will bring neighbors together, give local artists a platform to share their music, and help support Lambertville's downtown restaurants and businesses -- all while being mindful of safety guidelines necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19.